Cake prices start around $30 and vary depending upon complexity, servings needed, fillings, fondant, etc. Prices listed below DO NOT INCLUDE TAX. All orders REQUIRE 50% deposit to hold a spot in the calendar, minimum of $30 – NO EXCEPTIONS. You may leave a deposit using a credit card over the phone, which will be applied as a payment toward your cake order at the time of pickup. NO REFUNDS given on deposits, as the scheduled time for each order has been allotted for that particular cake. Hands On Design is not responsible for illness, bad weather or change of plans, and you will be billed for the entire cake cost of the cake once it has been started.

Keep in mind…you pay a plumber, mechanic, attorney and others a lot of money per hour to do something you are not able to do. Cake design is no different. Each cake is unique and to your specifications. We specialize in not only beautiful cakes, but cakes that also taste wonderful.

Isometric Square Sheet Cake 3D Render

Sheet Cakes

  • Illustrated 9 X 13 sheets are $65* and feed 24.
  • Illustrated half sheets start at $90* and feed 35.
  • Oversize half sheets start at $125* and feed up to 54.
  • Full sheet cakes start at $150* and feed 70.
  • *Please note that complicated illustrative work may increase the cost.
Isometric Three Tier Cake 3D Render

Tiered Cakes

  • Tiered cakes start at $125 /35 servings.
  • Price increases depending upon number of servings needed, generally $3.50 per serving.
Isometric Single Layer Cake 3D Render

Single & Two Layer Cakes

  • Two layer or single layer cakes will be priced based on serving requirements
  • See the Wilton serving guide for specific cake shapes/sizes
Isometric Wedding Cake 3D Render

Wedding Cakes

  • Wedding cakes start at $3.50 per person and there is a minimum $40 set-up/delivery charge. Prices completely vary depending upon design and materials.

 Other Cake Pricing

  • Fondant bows run $40. Ribbon bows run $15. All fondant sculpted items are extra and will be priced based on time and materials required.
  • Smash cakes are $20 made to match your custom cake
  • Custom and sculpted cakes will be quoted based on specifications
  • Fondant, fillings, and specialty flavors are all extras and will increase the cost of the cake
  • Most custom cupcakes start at $2.25 each and are priced based on complexity of design. Plain cupcakes with sprinkles are $1.75 each, or add a pick or topper for an additional .15- .25 each.
  • Half, Oversize Half, and Full sheets may be done using two flavors.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

ALL orders require a deposit to reserve a slot in the calendar. If you prefer to make Payment or Deposit using a debit or credit card just call. Or, you may make your deposit or purchase in person or by mailing it. The deposit will be applied to the cost or your cake at the time of pickup. There are NO REFUNDS on deposits. Hands On Design is not responsible for illness, bad weather or change of plans. You will be billed for the full amount once the cake has been started.

Payment-in-full is required at the time you pick up a cake. Payments for delivered cakes must be made prior to delivery.

Picking Up Your Cake

You will need to pick up your cake from my home, located near Custer/McDermott Road. I am not posting this address, but will email you directions if you order a cake.

Keep this in mind when picking up your custom cake:

  • During hot months, your vehicle MUST be air conditioned.
  • Please have a large, FLAT area available to transport the cake. Transporting on a soft, angled car seat can crack the frosting due to bouncing and bending the cake board.
  • 3-D and tiered cakes are especially fragile for transport and REQUIRE a flat surface (many front floorboards are not flat and many back floorboards are not big enough).
  • When using any cake stands, cake toppers or figurines borrowed from Hands On Design you will need to leave a deposit for the value of the item. THE CLIENT IS EXPECTED TO RETURN the equipment to Hands On Design within a timely fashion or the deposit will be kept and the item will be replaced.

Hands On Design IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for cakes once they have been picked up.


We will no longer offer delivery service but can refer you to a delivery service for you to contact directly.