What Our Customers Say About Hands on Design Cakes

Thank you so much for the cake- it was such a hit and the cutest cake I have ever seen. Everyone was freaking out wanting to know where we got it- and it tasted as good as it looked! . –Jessica W.

On behalf of Joanna and Lindsay, let me just say “Wow!”. The cake was magnificent. It was everything Lindsay had hoped for. We got a ton of compliments, and on top of that it was delicious. Joanna’s mother, the chocolate cake authority of the family, called it a really good chocolate cake. In short, thank you so much. –Neil R.

It was soooo good that we ate too much of it & made ourselves sick! Just the way it was meant to be! Thanks again.. –Jennifer L.

We LOVED the dragon cake, and so did everyone at the party. It was super-cute and as always, super yummy. Your cakes are never dry or over-sweet, which is also why we like them so much. The dragon turned out really well–you did a great job!. –Lee M.

Just want you to know that you hit a home run w/Austin’s birthday cake. It was AWESOME! We really couldn’t be more pleased with your design, and it was just delicious. I’m sending your business cards to school w/Austin tomorrow because several of the Moms are asking for your info. Thanks for help making Austin’s birthday a very special day!. –Janet J.

I want to thank you for the wonderful cupcakes you made for Nataly’s birthday party. Not only were they delicious, they were adorable. The kids got such a kick over the Elmo face cupcakes. I will be sure to send pictures to you of Nataly blowing out her candles. She was thrilled with her cake. You have an amazing talent!. –Steffany L.

Thank you so much for making such a spectacular cake for Jack’s birthday party. Several people commented on how cute it was, so I gave out your contact information to everyone at the party. When I asked Jack what his favorite thing about his party was, he responded “My Spiderman birthday cake!” Thanks for making his birthday so special. . –Kayla W.

Once again….another FABULOUS cake!! Everyone just raved over how beautiful it was and wanted to know who made it! Always the most popular question at our birthday parties! Thank you so much for putting all your effort, time, energy, and love into each of your masterpieces!. –Melissa T.

They LOVVVVVVED the cake. A few people asked for your number, so hopefully you will get more business from our event. The bottom line is that your cake was a smash success! Well done.. –John M.

Hi Michelle, Its me again! Ok I just had the cake that you made for my surprise birthday party!! It was amazing!!! My sister was the one that ordered it. She told me she used you because she knows how much I love your cakes…haha..it was a great surprise–that’s for sure!! Also, I wanted to let you know that my friend Aliya loves your cakes…I just found out this past weekend that she’s ordered many cakes already. Thats awesome! I tell you…your cakes are some of the best I’ve seen in the market!!. –Saadia I.

The cake was absolutely adorable! It was soooo fabulous and tasted delicious! Thank you so very much! Looking forward to working with you again. –Nancy G.

It was an awesome cake! I will pass on your cards to friends who asked about the cake yesterday. The design was precious. — Dee W.

The party went well…all of the kids wanted the cake. My son was elated to say the least! I passed out your cards at the party as well. Thanks again! –Rhonda M.

Well, I just wanted you to know that the Elmo cake and cupcakes you made for my daughter’s party were excellent! Everybody raved about how good it was and how cute it was! Thank you so much. I will definately recommend you to all my friends and refer you to anyone else I talk to! Great job! –Monique H.

Thanks again for the adorable and unique cake for the shower last weekend. It was as cute as it was delicious! Thanks again. –Aimee T.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the cake you make for the baby shower. After having your cakes, I don’t like any other at all. Thanks so much. –Misty C.

The cake was so delicious! Brittany loved the polka-dots. Everyone said it was one of the best cakes they have ever eaten. Thanks for making her special day even better with the yummy cake! — Barb M.

The party was wonderful fun for the girls –the cake tasted as good as it looked. Everyone wanted to know who made it, so I passed your name on. It was the most special cake I have ever seen! Thanks again. –Lisa T.

The rain this weekend was horrible, but the cake was just what we needed… In fact, my mom didn’t want to cut it….it was fabulous (design, taste, filling and all)! –Rhonda M.

Aiden’s cakes and cupcakes were awesome! I loved the giraffe and they tasted amazing as usual. You really are creative and make a tasty cake too! I see alot of cakes come through the stores and none come close to your quality and creativity! You have a great thing going there! Thanks again. –Elizabeth S.

I just wanted to THANK YOU so much for the AMAZING birthday cake you did for the girl’s party. WE LOVED IT! It was incredibly delicious and the design was GORGEOUS! You are very talented. We really appreciate you squeezing us into your busy schedule. Thanks so much! –Jessica S.

Thanks so much for the wonderful cake! It looked awesome and tasted just as good. You did a wonderful job! Thanks again. –Trish N.

Everyone loved the cake, and it was absolutely delicious! Thanks so much! –Joann W.

I just wanted to tell you that the cake was the best I have ever had! It was the topic among everyone on how good it was. Thank you so much! I will be contacting you for all of my cake needs in the future! –Rachel R.

Just wanted to let you know that your cake was the hit of the party! It tasted as wonderful as it looked! Everyone raved about it and I gave out all of the business cards you left me. Thank you for a great job! I’ll be in touch again with future orders! –Jennifer W.

The batmobile cake was sensational. You did a great job with creative license. I really appreciate it. –Kamela W.

Just a note to let you know that we, along with everyone else, absolutely LOVED Avery’s birthday cake! It turned out better than I could have hoped for and it was delicious! I passed out almost all of the flyers and cards that you left because everyone was raving about it, so I hope you get some more calls! –Jennifer B.

I just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful cake! The cake not only looked beautiful, but it tasted and smelled wonderful as well. The frosting smelled like I had walked into a bakery! Everyone loved it and many people took your business cards. Thanks for the wonderful experience! –Saadia I.

Thank you so much for the birthday cake. All I have to say is that it is the best thing I have ever tasted. I’ve already had a piece today and I will no doubt have another one later. It is sooooo good! Thanks again. –Rachel R.

Thank you for the BEST birthday cake ever!! Everyone loved it and my husband and I thought it perfectly matched his party theme. We will definately use you again and please give out my email address to anyone who wants a reference. Thanks again. –Amy H.

I just wanted to thank you for your hard work on the WONDERFUL cake for the baby shower on Friday. Everyone raved about it – both the artistry and the taste. I also wanted to say how precious Meredith’s castle cake was. You really outdid yourself! All the little girls were fascinated! Thanks again. –Carrie F.

Thank you for making us a beautiful and delicious cake. All of our guests love its design and its taste. I gave your business cards to my guests. All of them were asking where I ordered the cake, I just handed them your card. I loved your cake and I will be looking forward on our next cake “transaction” next year… I will have two of them celebrating birthdays. Thank you so much. . –Ruth

Just wanted to let you know that your cakes were a huge hit because of how cute they were and how they tasted. Thank you so much for the TLC you put into your cakes!. –Susan B.

Michelle, thank you so much for the delicious and beautiful cake. I got so many compliments on it. You did a wonderful job, and I had TONS of it left over. It was huge! Thanks again. –Andrea B.

I kept forgetting to send you an email to let you know how much we LOVED the cake! It was a HUGE hit! Not only did it look fantastic, but it was delicious! I gave out every single one of your business cards! Caiden was so funny with it… He ate the nose first! Thank you so much and I can’t wait to use you again!!!!. –Kelly C.

Just wanted to take a minute to tell you what a terrific job you did on the cake. It not only looked good but the cake was delicious! The cake and you received raves from all our guests.. –Eula J.

The cake was a huge success!! It looked and tasted awesome. Thanks again for helping out on such short notice. . –Jonas R.

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVED the wedding cake. It was so beautiful and tasted wonderful! We received numerous compliments from our guests about how it was the only good wedding cake they’ve ever eaten. The cake was exactly what I wanted. You did a wonderful job!!!! Thanks for everything. It was a pleasure working with you.. –Kelly B.

Some friends of mine…Lori and Dana had suggested we use you for the triplets cake…..I just wanted to let you know that it was outstanding!! The design was adorable and the cake delicious!!! The kids loved it too!!!! . –Christie W.